Since 1973 Paolo Carrara had his first contacts with the world of coffee.
The utilised mediums were telephone and telegrams which were transmitted
through private codes.Haiti and Santo Domingo were the countries mainly treated and
the commerce with European Traders prevailed.

In 1998 Graziano Carrara also got started on this field and in 2006 set up the Carrara S.r.l.

Today we have daily accounts with Santo Domingo, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, India, Colombia, Brasile, Congo and Uganda.
Moreover we trade coffees of many others producer countries, both directly and in cooperation with some of the most important European Traders.

During these long acquired years of experience in the field, we specialised ourselves on plantation coffees never whitout neglect the commercial qualities. We have several contacts with Producers that are able to export certified coffees Rain Forest, Organici, etc.

Our customer base primarily consist of italian Roasters and raw coffee Producers, not neglecting contacts with Foreign Buyer.

Moreover we are associated to the CSC Italy (Certified Special Coffees)